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    I just read the article and realized that it was Nancy G. I immediately headed over here, even though I don’t know if her family still visits this remnant of the TBC blogs.

    But should they still visit, please […]

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    In reply to: bakobornnraised posted an update “I have a BA in Liberal Studies and my teaching credential; the education system is so corrupted, I’m looking for other options which my degree is good for…WHO’S […] View

    Private school? There’s several options around town at all grade levels.

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    In reply to: honorerdieu posted an update Still too much negativity here. Made the wrong choice to be active in this new forum again. View

    It was nice to see you again, even for a little bit.

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    In reply to: bakobornnraised posted an update is so ready to kick some major muddy ass in Volkslauf 10/8! View

    Good luck. Is it still out by the airport?

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    In reply to: Jamie Butow posted an update Here’s a Wall Street Journal quiz to test your memory on whether 50 news, sports, and popculture events happened before or after 9/11. It’s not […] View

    76%… but there’s at least one flawed question. XP was OEM released pre-9/11 but retail released post-9/11. Since they don’t specify WHICH release in the question, how can they count either answer as incorrect? At least with the BlackBerry question they specified the smartphone line.

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    Shwaine has no interest in a site that is 80-90% bickering about politics, with only a rare handful desiring to talk about anything else (and a rarer yet handful agreeing to disagree when it comes to politics). Even the finance forum she participates in that is filled with people so picky about money they maintain multi-year databases tracking…[Read more]

  • I have pretty much confirmed that my previously reported behavior with the View link off the Activity tab is indeed correct. Every single time I click a View link off the Activity tab for a comment that is the first comment on page 2 or higher, it takes me to the previous page (e.g. to […]

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    Shwaine gets a bit irked when people focus on trivial side-issues or partisan rhetoric and completely miss the big picture.

  • Chris already knows about blockquote and q from my “testing out the features” thread. Cite is supposed to be visually indistinguishable from italics (so is emph) unless the website has a specific style sheet for it (most don’t). It is only treated differently by some software that renders a page (like screen readers for the […]

  • I’ve figured out what AD might have been seeing with the comment count. The “View” link on the Activity tab seems to take one to the wrong page for the first comment on pages 2 and up. For example, if I click the View link next to Lamonster’s comment on the Activity tab that is […]

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    Shwaine plays “rebate roulette” with some mail-in rebates…. let’s see how many actually get processed and how long it takes.

  • The width thing is possible in CSS by using max-width and min-width directives, but it does require a bit of forethought in laying out the style boxes and a bit of scripting to get boxes with little content to snap up to the desired width without overflowing the available space on the user’s browser. Fixed […]

  • I noticed you added both the embedding and HTML tag info to a FAQ tab like MsKim suggested. Thanks for the quick response.

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    In reply to: Chris Ladd posted an update Wanna make some bold or italic? Just wrap a <b>TEXT HERE</b> around text to bold and <i>TEXT HERE</i> around for italic View

    Do any other HTML tags work?

  • Very good idea MsKim.

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    In reply to: sagefever posted an update Anybody else having trouble with the light grey and small print here? View

    17″ monitors and 10″ netbooks? Man, that’s so last year…. A 12″ notebook cost only a hundred or two more than a netbook and you can get models with 10 hours battery life. And anything less than a 20″ widescreen monitor is considered just being overly frugal since you can get a 20″ for around a hundred if you look for the sales. I got an Acer 24″…[Read more]

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