Young Republicans Talk To Older Republicans (3 posts)

  • Profile picture of milemarker milemarker said 2 years, 12 months ago:

    This essay is not for low-information Republicans but it would do them well to read about how your younger Republican generation sees the establishment GOP.

    Here’s a taste of what they said:

    Pouncing, [David Plouffe] replied: “Let me tell you something. The Hispanic voters in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico don’t give a damn about Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Cuban-American from Florida. You know what? We won the Cuban vote! And it’s because younger Cubans are behaving differently than their parents. It’s probably my favorite stat of the whole campaign. So this notion that Marco Rubio is going to heal their problems — it’s not even sophomoric; it’s juvenile! And by the way: the bigger problem they’ve got with Latinos isn’t immigration. It’s their economic policies and health care. The group that supported the president’s health care bill the most? Latinos.”

    Ken Mehlman, the campaign manager for George W. Bush’s successful reelection effort in 2004, replies to Plouffe:

    Today’s typical voter, he went on to say, could be that same white couple in Dayton. “But here’s the difference,” he said. ‘They worry about economic mobility — can their kids get ahead or even keep up. Their next-door neighbors are Latino whose mom gets concerned when she hears talk about self-deportation or no driver’s licenses. And that couple has a gay niece and an African-American brother-in-law. And too many folks like the couple in Dayton today wonder if some of the G.O.P. understands their lives anymore.”

  • Profile picture of catpaw catpaw said 2 years, 12 months ago:

    Unfortunately, the GOP repeatedly sends the message that they are out of touch. This isn’t the 1950s and the mainstream public does not want to take a giant step backward to restore it. Obstructionist strategies are not going to change the reality.

  • Profile picture of milemarker milemarker said 2 years, 12 months ago:

    That’s pretty much what the younger generation of Republicans are saying. They’re tired of wedge issues because the wedges don’t speak to their generation. I was pretty impressed with these young people.