What’s a Whip supposed to do (3 posts)

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  • Profile picture of drilnliftcrude drilnliftcrude said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    Looks like McCarthy can’t whip up the votes for Boehner and the establishment Republicans own bills.
    He should just seperate himself from the train wreck that is the establishment GOP.

  • Profile picture of John  Bravo John Bravo said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    I don’t see the problem with going over the fiscal cliff. Democrats get a return to Clinton era tax rates and Republicans get a return to Clinton era spending rates.

  • Profile picture of Geoffrey Thorpe Geoffrey Thorpe said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    There is no establishment GOP anymore. That’s their problem. It’s a loosely knit coalition of theological thugs, more than a few paranoid racists the Democratic Party was frankly glad to exit the party, some extremely wealthy egotistical money-grubbing fanatics who play off the worst fears of the previous two groups (as well as profit off of them), and a couple of people who are afraid to reveal themselves as what used-to-be-moderates. That’s the problem with today’s GOP. It isn’t a party, it’s an asylum.