Republicans talk to Republican: AEI tries in vain to guide the GOP back onto the rails (2 posts)

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    American Enterprise Institute’s Norman Ornstein bangs his head on his desk:

    Think about it: We have a sequester looming, one that could wreak havoc at the Pentagon; a coming series of budget confrontations that create real challenges in the management of the Defense Department; and an ongoing war. And a little group of willful men and women, including those who have been the loudest critics of the sequester, are keeping the next head of the department from getting into office and beginning the hard job of managing the turbulence ahead. That’s only the first on a list of irresponsible acts. If National Review is accurate, the unanimous Senate Republican response to deal with our debt problems and immediate budget crises is a constitutional amendment to balance the budget with a cap on spending at 18 percent of gross domestic product and supermajorities required to raise revenues or the debt ceiling. If I were al-Qaida and looking to destroy America from within, I would love to see this amendment added to the Constitution.

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    “Irresponsible acts,” he calls them. That was kind.