Hagel Confirmed as Secretary of Defense (5 posts)

  • Profile picture of Groucho Groucho said 2 years ago:

    The Senate today confirmed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. It seems that the republicans finally stopped stomping their feet and holding their breath and have moved on to the next issue that they will react stupidly to. Sad.

  • Profile picture of think4yourself think4yourself said 2 years ago:

    Maybe now, the GOP can move on to more relevant work.

  • Profile picture of Groucho Groucho said 2 years ago:

    Don’t hold your breath. Maybe the House will vote to repeal Obamacare again (34th time)

  • Profile picture of Mach5 Mach5 said 2 years ago:

    Groucho, did you see any of Hagels confirmation hearings answers? even democrats thought he looked like an idiot, and THIS is our new Secretary of defense? oh my, does it give you pause at all that Iran was one of the first to support him as OUR Secretary of defense?

  • Profile picture of John  Bravo John Bravo said 1 year, 12 months ago:

    Now maybe Hagel will start cutting the bloated defense department budget. Then again, his chicken little boss is running around screaming a less than 1% cut will gut the military. Even though his military has more money to spend than any of Bush’s military.