Cry financial foul on this one liberals… (2 posts)

  • Profile picture of limalimamike limalimamike said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    but wait, they are a large Obama donor….

    and your boy rubber stamped it.

  • Profile picture of milemarker milemarker said 3 years, 4 months ago:

    You imply that Google presented this plan to the president for his approval yet the article says nothing of a kind. So what was “rubber stamped” part here? Did the president also “rubber stamp” Mitt Romney’s tax shelters in Switzerland and the Caiman Islands? Romney reported them during Obama’s tenure as president. Do companies and wealthy individuals have to get presidential approval to shelter assets? No? I certainly agree with the author’s conclusion that when corporations shelter their assets offshore, the rest of America has to shoulder their portion of the tax bill. But as I recall, that was a point Obama hammered away on during his campaign using the issue of Gov. Romney not revealing his tax filings.

    Your conclusion has big, gaping holes in it.