Why do I have to join a topic?

The software we are using has this feature and we’ve decided to use it. Right now, all topics are open to anyone to join. But in the future, we may opt to launch a ‘closed’ topic where only certain people are allowed to comment. Others would be allowed to read the topic, but not comment. This could be used for an issue that we decided requires real-names, or for a geographical issue where people living in a certain part of town are invited to take part. There are lots of opportunities, but we’ll explore those later. For now, you still have to join a topic to post to it. It’s one click. No big deal.

How to I start a new thread/topic/discussion?

To start a new thread/discussion, click on the discussion tab. There you’ll see all the current discussion. You can sort by last active, or most comments. At the top, click on ‘new thread’ and add your title and content. You can add topical tags if you want, as well. Then, use the drop-down menu to select a topic. Make sure you have previously joined the topic you want to post to. You can’t change the topic later, so choose carefully. Hot ‘Post’ and there ya go!

Topics are established by site administrators. If you have a suggestion for a new topic, email moderator@bakersfield.com.

Available HTML Tags

The following html tags are available to use when posting content to the site:

  • a
  • abbr
  • acronym
  • b
  • blockquote
  • cite
  • code
  • del
  • em
  • i
  • img
  • q
  • strike
  • strong

To use the tag you simply wrap it around the text you want the tag to apply to. For example, to make some text bold: <b>text here</b>

Embedding Content

This site supports oEmbed which allows lots of 3rd party content to be embedded in your content. This embedding is powered by a service called Embedly and a full (and growing) list of all the supported sites you can embed content from is available here.

A common use-case will be embedding Flickr photos. To embed a single photo, simply paste in the URL for a photo’s page, such as: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dslrnovice/4737188074

You can also embed a slideshow for an entire Flickr photo set by pasting in it’s URL, such as: http://­www.flickr.com/photos/dslrnovice/sets/72157625370719831


Because the site is built on a WordPress platform, we would use a WordPress-based plug-in for spellcheck. After trying them out, users were having more problems with them and the majority asked for it to be removed, which we did.

Users said their browsers (the newer versions of IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) also noted misspelled words by placing red lines under text. They agreed this was a better alternative to the glitches caused by the plug-in.