Tuesday Q&A and Tips

March 29, 2011 in Site news

Will there be a spell check function?

No. Modern web browsers have spell check built into them, underlining or auto-correcting misspelled words. We recommend Firefox, but make sure you’re on the latest version of whatever browser you’re using.

TIP: Forums tab

To see the most recent/active/posted to threads, click on the ‘Forums’ tab. There you can see the latest poster, the topic it was posted to, and the number of replies. You can sort your list by last active or most posts. Click on the thread to read it and read and post replies. You can also click on ‘new thread’ and start a new thread on a new subject, just remember to select a topic in the drop-down before you click ‘post thread’.

TIP: New thread titles

Make sure you’re keeping them short and using key words. Think about how you click or don’t click on threads based on how the title is worded.

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9 responses to Tuesday Q&A and Tips

  1. Will there be a “Like” button in the future?

  2. The “Favorite” button is the equivalent of the Like button, although it doesn’t always seem to appear. It appears in the Activity tab, but not always when one views the actual thread/blog. Maybe that’s a glitch.

  3. Shwaine, I thought I read that on your thread but it almost seems to me that it is marking it as a favorite so that you can get back to it easily. It shows up in my activity under the favorites tab. All I want to be able to do is let someone know that I “Like” their comment. 🙂

  4. I think I’ve found a ‘like’ plugin that has the behavior that works similar to our B.com story comment like ability. I’ll enable it today and we can all try it out.

  5. Thanks, Chris!

  6. The like plugin is enabled now. It appears to only allow activity stream stuff to be ‘liked’ currently. The developer of this plugin has a much nicer version of the plugin in the works, but hasn’t released a stable version of it yet. Once he does, I’ll upgrade our site and we should be able to ‘like’ forum posts directly.

  7. Not sure if this has been asked elsewhere, but what about mobile access? Apps? Tapatalk compatability? Dedicated mobile format? Unless I spoof my mobile browser to force loading the desktop version, it always redirects to the lame 661411 site.

  8. We’ve talked about mobile access for this site, so it’s on the table, but not is not in the works just yet.

  9. All modern blogs have internal spell checkers.

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